Life Circle

That’s the secret
You grow old, you alone.
The earth stands still. Imagine.
There’s no time.
The days are eternal
Nights ephemeral.
Out in space
Everything rotates at varying speeds
Everything stands still,
When love is lost
You grow old, terribly old.
How annoying.
That’s the secret.
Remain forever young.
The moon remains a full moon
The earth’s a garden
The days rush by, hush by
The nights are full of miracles
And orgasms.
Everything moves
You are young, terribly naive.
Here’s the secret.
History runs, churns backwards.
Some days are short, some eternally long
Eternally wrong.
Loves come and go
Lovers hide. You seek.
Play hide-and-seek.
Am I not a child again?
Toothless? Friendless? Loveless?
What remains?
A fistful of ashes?

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